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Can you help us trace our ancestry?

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In the Philippines, we know only 5 facts about our ancestry in Spain:
  • Jose Goyeneche was the first family member to arrive from Spain.
  • Jose was born before 1876.  We do not know if he has other given names.
  • His father's name is Andres Goyeneche.
  • His mother's name is Josefa Barreneche.
  • Jose arrived in the Philippines with his brother but the brother returned to Spain.  We do not know the brother's name.
Based on our further research, we found names of other people whose information appear to fit or link to the above facts about our Spanish ancestry and Jose Goyeneche himself.  Using these names, we developed a "possible" family tree which illustrates the hypothetical relationships between these people and our family.  On the family tree, we show the possibility that "Pedro Jose Goyeneche" is our Jose Goyeneche.

Please click on the Word document below to view the "possible" family tree.  If you are able to help us confirm any portion of the tree, kindly send us a message using the form below.  We thank you for your help.

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